14 January 2014 18:44

An online campaign yesterday collected pledges worth over €4,000 for information that will lead to the punishment of those behind the recent savage killing of a cat in Kornos.
Dozens of people outraged by the vicious act have pledged from between €20 to €500 each in a campaign started by CAT P.A.W.S Cyprus, Protecting Animals Without Shelter (PAWS) Cyprus and Cyprus Voice for Animals.
An image on the organisations' Facebook pages show the disturbing sight of the dead young cat, found near the Holy Cross Church in Kornos last week.
The cat had been pinned onto the roadway fencing, having been impaled with a fishing spear through its head and a broomstick stuck through its head and body.
According to Cat PAWS President Dinos Ayiomamitis, the Kornos Police Station was notified and officers removed the cat's body and said they would be launching an investigation. If you have information on who killed the cat, please contact PAWS Cyprus on 99769025 or through its Facebook page.
The killing comes soon after the brutal Christmas Day killing of a dog whose owner dragged it to death behind his moving car and the recent revelation of starving dogs at private kennels in Limassol and, more recently, in a cramped cage in Athienou. Another incident includes the deliberate shooting of a dog in the Limassol district.
These brutal incidents have done little to help Cyprus' already bad reputation in animal welfare matters and activists have called for the authorities to take immediate action.


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