15 January 2014 08:36

NICOSIA - Greek economic crime investigators are reported to have located two offshore companies in Cyprus belonging to an official of the Greek far right party Golden Dawn, Vima newspaper reported on Tuesday.
In a separate development, the paper also said that €150,000 has been found in the bank account of party MP Yiannis Lagos, who is in jail in connection with the murder of rapper Pavlos Fyssas in Athens last September. Lagos says he is unemployed.
The authorities are investigating the sources of finance of Golden Dawn. The inquiry was launched last autumn in the wake of the murder of 35-year-old Fyssas.
Three other Golden Dawn MPs, Giorgos Yermenis, Panayiotis Iliopoulos and Efstathios Boukouras are also in jail.
According to The Vima, the offshore companies in Cyprus appear to belong to a former insurance broker who was involved in managing the party’s funds, and a relative of his.
The companies are understood to have been set up in 2004 before the broker became involved with Golden Dawn.
Lagos had recently declared bank deposits of €7 and a flat of 50 square metres. The MP now says that he inherited the €150,000 in 2005.
A third of Golden Dawn's parliamentary group is now behind bars, awaiting trial and several more could face charges.


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