15 January 2014 08:37

NICOSIA – Cyprus may have to resort to reducing the amount of water given for irrigation if the drought continues, the head of the water development board said on Tuesday.
Kyriakos Kouris told the Cyprus News Agency that if low rainfall and the poor inflow of water in the dams continue, then Cyprus faces a difficult year ahead.
Unless there is rain this winter, then water reserves in the summer will be severely depleted and may require cuts in water supplied for irrigation.
But he said that the issue of rationing water has not been discussed as decisions will be taken towards the end of the month.
“It is a given that if the winter does not go well, as is the case so far, we will have lower reserves. We have made sure that there are no consequences as regards water available for drinking. There will be no cuts in water supply for drinking, nor for the tourist industry. We have not taken any decisions as regards the rest,” Kyrou said.
The advisory committee on water management will meet soon to formulate a proposal for the minister of agriculture.
Asked whether measures needs to be taken, Kyrou said he did not want to pre-empt the minister’s decision but said he expected some measures would be needed.
“It will be a very difficult year. We had good rain last year and the year before last, but unfortunately 2013 had very little rain and increased consumption of water as farmers were irrigating their fields in the winter,” he said.
Dam reserves now stand at 53.9%, which is 156.6 million cubic metres of water.


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