18 January 2014 11:21

The cultural group “Afkoritissa Foni” from Avgorou village in the free Famagusta district on Friday denied reports it planned to slaughter a pig in public as part of an event celebrating pork specialties on Sunday.
The reports have prompted angry protests from animal welfare organisations on social media.
The group’s president Ioannis Kouklis told The Cyprus Weekly the reports were based on a misunderstanding and mistake by the group.
“We were misunderstood by the public and the media as in our banner for the event we made the mistake to write “the slaughter of the pig” but we have no intention of slaughtering a pig in public,” Kouklis said.
“The event will go ahead as planned and we have bought pork from a butcher here in Avgorou which will be used to cook pork specialties like souvla, zalatina and afelia for our event.”
The event will start at 7am at the renovated estate of Tsimpouris and traditional pork specialties will be on sale for €7 each from 1pm.
Sources close to the Veterinary Services said slaughtering animals in public or private areas has been illegal for many years in Cyprus.
“There are European regulations which have to be followed. An animal has to go to a slaughter house and be checked before and after the slaughter takes place and certificates given that the meat is suitable for the food chain. In addition, by law, an animal has to be sedated before it is slaughtered so that it does not feel pain,” an official source said.


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