20 January 2014 09:37

NICOSIA - More than 128,000 Cypriots will have hearing problems by 2015 according to the results of a study screening the hearing of drivers and the general public.
Research findings presented at an event to mark the end of a hearing campaign which took place from November to January showed that 20.6% of participants failed the screening test for hearing.
A total of 373 people from around the island participated in the study, of which 278 and 71.6% of the drivers were over the age of 35 years old.
Results revealed that 14.7% of drivers suffered from hearing loss in either or both ears, while the highest percentage was found in Paphos with 19%, followed by Nicosia (14.9%) and then Limassol (9%).
During tests carried out with 95 people from the general public, 37.8% failed the screening test, while from the total population including drivers, 20.6% of participants failed to pass the test.
During the three-month campaign, volunteer check-ups were carried out on drivers on the motorway in collaboration with the police traffic department, as well as information checks among the general public.
In both cases the aim was to raise public awareness and drivers on hearing issues and secondly to determine whether the participants were aware of their hearing problems and to improve their daily lives by giving specific advice.
The campaign was organised by non-profit organisation REACTION Youth for the Prevention in collaboration with Efthymiades Audiology Centres, the Police Traffic Department and the Road Safety Council.


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