20 January 2014 16:58

 The Queen of crisis opened last year’s carnival in Limassol reminding all that they should smile despite the difficulties of the times.
This year, the King Carnival who succeeds her appears capable enough to take the necessary action to spare the country the economic hardship.
This is the spirit of the 2014 Limassol carnival. It’s all systems go for the coastal Municipality and all those contributing to this grand fiesta who are busy taking care of all the necessary preparations and promising that despite the crisis, Limassol will again rise to the occasion.
“Even though the carnival’s budget is cut by 30-40% we can assure you that all events will be as good as in previous years. Not to mention that the carnival this year will be enriched with new ideas,” said head of logistics, Cleon Alexandrou.
The municipality’s cultural officer also said that the participation applications have already been submitted by both individuals and organised groups for the grand parade.
An indication of how keen people are is this year’s high number of participants, with floats exceeding 110 and over 12,00 revelers expected to join the parade.
Carnival organisers have met more than once over the past few days with serenaders, shopkeepers and other professional groups and citizens involved – one way or another - with the fiesta, especially with outdoor events, so as to coordinate action.
Regarding the decoration of the city centre but also other prominent spots, Alexandrou said there would be no reductuions because of the economic crisis, as this was an important factor behind the built up of euphoria and the carnival spirit.
Carnival processions will commence on February 20 with the arrival of the King Carnival and climax on March 3 with the grand parade.
In addition to the children’s parade on Sunday, February 23, a number of other events are on schedule including a photographic exhibition on the history of the carnival on February 17. Also on the agenda are outdoor traditional dances, evenings with serenaders and much more.
The full programme will be released soon.
This year’s King Carnival was selected some time ago and is well-known car rally champion Dimis Mavropoulos. He will be named “Memorandum the Great” for the occasion.
Mavropoulos is a prominent name in Limassol with and recognised in cultural circles.
He is one of those Limassolians whose passion and dedication for the carnival is indisputable.
After all, his ‘carnival’ presence was felt throughout the years.


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