21 January 2014 09:53

Consumers are turning to firewood as an alternative way of heating their homes as fuel prices bite, with the Forest Department saying that demand was up over the past years.
Andreas Christou, senior forestry department officer, told the Cyprus News Agency said that the department recognised there was a need for firewood.
He said that demand this year was particularly high, with stocks running out several times. He urged consumers to contact forest department stations before making their way to buy firewood.
Last year, the department set up firewood sale points at various forestry stations, such as Stavros tis Psokas, Yialia, Panayia, Platania, the Athalassa nursery and Dhekelia. Firewood from coniferous trees sold at €80 a cubic metre.
Another measure being implemented by the department was the sale of timber in the autumn to residents living near the forests, to be used for firewood.
The timber was from trees cut down by the department as part of its forest management programme to ensure trees are not too close together. This applies to Solia and Marathassa valleys and Polis Chrysochous.


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