20 January 2014 22:13

A Turkish Group of Companies named Altinbas and a second unnamed businessman have applied to rent Pente Mili (five mile) beach near occupied Kerynia.
But the owner company Tori Ltd has not yet processed the applications, according to the company’s manager Ibrahim Bender.
Chairman of Altinbas group of companies Vakkas Altinbas had previously said that his company had rented out Pente Mili beach for 49 years with prospects to develop a luxurious hotel.
Reports from the Turkish-held north said that Bender clarified that the property has been rented to Altinbas for 30 years following an agreement between the company and Tori Ltd that was ratified by the so-called Turkish Cypriot ‘cabinet’.
“There has been no deed transfer until today and this is why it has not gone through,” Bender said yesterday.
He added that Altinbas and a second businessman have submitted applications with Tori Ltd to change the current agreement regarding the rent, as well as to evaluate the protocols, but the entire issue has not been included on the administration’s agenda.
So-called ‘prime minister’ Özkan Yorgancıoğlu told ‘parliament’ that the issue of renting Pente Mili beach is not on the agenda of the company or the ‘cabinet’.
He pointed out that the issue will not be raised, calling on the interested company not to move forward with the agreement.
Meanwhile, Altinbas told Yeni Dusen newspaper that he was considering building a hotel in Pente Mili but reports in the Turkish press were exaggerated, as he was unable to buy out Altinkaya (Golden Sand) restaurant in the area and therefore plans for a hotel complex cannot move forward.


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