21 January 2014 13:38

Police confirmed on Monday that a house in Limassol was raided over the weekend after authorities received information that it was being used to host a drug fuelled sex party.
Speaking to The Cyprus Daily, Limassol police spokesman Yiannis Soteriades said two men were arrested during the raid - one on suspicion of organising the event and the other for possession of drugs.
"One of the men appears to be the organiser of the party while the other was arrested after one gram of cannabis and two grams of cocaine were found in his possession."
Soteriades clarified that the suspected organiser of the event was not arrested on pimping charges.
"It appears that this man who did not own the house in question was charging customers for entrance and alcoholic drinks without having first acquired any of the necessary permits."
Officers said they raided the villa in Moniatis village on Saturday evening to find around 20 men and women - Cypriots and foreign nationals - in various states of undress.
The customers who were aged between 20 and 40 were cautioned by the police and then let go.
The organiser had reportedly advertised the event online and was charging between €20 and €100 entrance fee.


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