21 January 2014 15:16

Unsurprisingly fewer recession-weary Cypriots decided to take a holiday break last year recording the biggest drop in five years, according to data released on Monday.
As the post-bailout financial crisis bites deeper there was a 6.6% drop in Cypriots taking an overseas holiday in 2013.
According to the official Passengers Survey, 1.115 million residents of Cyprus returned from a trip abroad in 2013 compared to 1.194 million in 2012.
In December alone, 80,459 residents of Cyprus returned from a trip abroad last year compared to 82,352 in 2012.
In December there was a decrease in most destinations except for Israel which registered a 60% rise.
There was a 4.2% dip in trips by residents to Greece reaching 27,194 from 28,385 in December 2012.
There was also a significant 8.4% fall in trips to and from the United Kingdom dropping to 26,279 from 28,681 plus a 17.7% decline to Russia (2,624).
Last year trips to Greece (360,025) remained the most popular among local residents followed by the UK (310,097) and Russia (55,743) a distant third.
Out of the 12 months only four were in positive territory compared to the previous year.
The largest group of residents travelling abroad in December were aged from 25 to 44 (40.4%) while 50.5% of travellers took a holiday and 16.2% went for business.



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