22 January 2014 18:46

NICOSIA -- Scores of Cypriots have contracted flu in the last few weeks although the virus was late in affecting the island and other European countries this year.
According to the president of the Cyprus Paediatric Society, Michalis Iasonides, the first case appeared on December 24 affecting a child and a steady increase is recorded ever since.
The flu affecting Cypriots this year is the Influenza A virus that caused a worldwide epidemic in 2009 and which has been transformed into a seasonal flu virus.
One of the characteristics of the current flu, which affects as many adults as children, is that symptoms including high fever, shivering, cough, nasal congestion and red eyes appear suddenly. Adults also suffer from bone and joint pain.
Iasonides said treatment is according to symptoms and advised parents to be extra cautious as complications like pneumonia and ear problems may arise.
His recommendation to parents was to keep children who suffer from flu symptoms at home to avoid spreading the virus among other children in school.
They should return to school after 24 or 48 hours without fever and should stay away from grandparents as elderly people fall ill more heavily.


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