23 January 2014 09:29

Civil servants have been instructed to limit workplace electricity consumption and its resulting financial cost to the state.
The Department of Electrical and Mechanical Services has issued an internal memo to all government services and which outlines strict guidelines concerning the use of heating and lighting.
The memo says that heating must be turned on half an hour after the start of office hours and be turned off half an hour before closing time. Thermostats must be set at no higher than 22 °C, reduced to 19 °C in common use areas.
Building with central heating must also from now on have the system serviced before the start of the winter to avoid wastage.
Also, offices must, in line with the new instructions, only be aired after the end of the official working day.
The services have, in addition, forbidden the use of alternative electrical heating as well as gas or petrol heaters. The heating must also not be turned on if any windows or doors are open.
In connection to lighting, the services memo said that all lights must be turned off after the working day unless they are needed for security or safety reasons.
Lights must also be turned off if an office is left empty even for a short period.
The memo also instructs senior officials to ensure the measures are enforced by all the staff.
Confirming the memo yesterday, a services official said potential changes to the policy depending on the weather would be considered.


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