23 January 2014 11:15

Cyprus Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Keve) is against favourable adjustments concerning early retirement plans for employees of semi-government organisations.
It has called on the government and the House to “handle the issue with seriousness because if mistakes are made there will be major consequences and provocative injustices”.
“If such adjustments are made this will create an imbalance between the wider public sector and the private sector, while at the same time excessive amounts will be paid to some employees that are effectively considered redundant staff,” an announcement warned.
Keve also argued that the situation in the economy does not allow for such generous pay-offs, while large injustices will be caused.
The announcement points out that the retirement of redundant staff from semi-government organisations including telecoms Cyta, the electricity authority and the ports will have to be based on the financial situation of these organisations in order to avoid favourable treatment.
“The reduction of redundant staff cannot burden these organisations with unbearable obligations that they cannot meet and at the same time provide a reasonable compensation for everyone involved,” Keve added.
Interior Minister Socrates Hasikos accused Cyta “for acting like a television channel owner that spends tens of millions on satellite channel Cytavision and for reckless management of resources for advertising”.
Speaking after a meeting with representatives of broadcasting organisations, Hasikos stressed that the government’s intention has always been to preserve democracy and free expression in the media and to secure their financial viability.
The aim of the meeting was to discuss an amending draft bill regarding reforms in broadcasting which according to the minister looks to put radio and television organisations in order.
Hasikos pointed out that while the specific legislation cannot solve the problems with reckless spending at Cyta, the new board of directors is expected to bring changes to the management of funds so that millions of euros are not wasted.
He said, the organisation could be making more savings and therefore generating more profits and by extension providing upgraded services to the public.


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