23 January 2014 12:22

Tenders have been awarded for the purchase of two fixed speed cameras to clamp down on boy racers along a notoriously dangerous road in the capital.
The Electro Mechanological Services are expected to receive the cameras within the next three months and deliver them to the Traffic Police after inspection.  
Speaking to The Cyprus Daily on Wednesday, Traffic Police Chief Demetris Demetriou said the long-awaited cameras will be a great help to the authorities and their crackdown on reckless speeding along Grivas Dhigenis Avenue.
"One of the cameras will be placed near the McDonald's traffic lights and the other will be installed close to the lights at Metochi tou Kykkou," said Demetriou.
The Chief reminded that his department considers speed cameras the only effective way to improve safety on the avenue, which has in the past few years become a hotspot for boy racers and their dangerous driving.
"Soon everyone who breaks the speed limit on this road will be caught and punished. We expect to see positive results immediately," he added.
The new safety measures were also welcomed by Engomi Mayor Zacharias Kyriakou who has for years been leading a campaign against boy racers in his municipality, particularly on Grivas Dhigenis.
"This is the first step towards combating this serious problem which has been plaguing the lives of our residents for a very long time."
The mayor added that his municipality has already been contacted by the Traffic Police Department regarding the speed cameras and where they are to be installed on the hazardous road.
"We believe and hope that once the cameras are installed we will see an immediate difference and breathe a sigh of relief."
In addition to the cameras, the Public Works Department has also confirmed that two new speed bumps will be installed along the dangerous stretch to further combat reckless driving.
Kyriakou said that once they are installed the speed bumps will increase safety but expressed concern that no timeframe has been announced yet.
"We believe this may be due to a lack of funds or perhaps some other problem at the Public Works Department," said the Mayor.
"We have been promised speed bumps in the past and they did not materialise."


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