23 January 2014 18:07

Recently-released Labour Ministry data has shown that the non-Cypriot workforce in Cyprus as a whole fell by 8,000 people in just one year between October 2012 and October 2013.
Of these, some 2,600 people had been domestic workers.
Although the figure has fallen noticeably, the number of households still employing domestic helpers in spite of the deepening financial crisis remains significant.
Another high reduction was noted in the construction industry with some 2,000 non-Cypriot workers losing their jobs while the manufacturing sector saw a 1,600 person drop.
According to official figures, in October 2013, the number of foreign workers in Cyprus fell from 7.6% or by 8,300 individuals from 109,734 workers in October 2012.
The same data showed that 38% of the non-Cypriots (39,356 people) were third-country nationals while 61.2% or 62,030 people were from another EU-Member State.
During 2012, a total of 43,743 third country nationals and 65,415 from other EU countries were employed in Cyprus.
Most of the third country nationals had been employed as domestic helpers but by the end of October 2013, the number had fallen to 21,923 from 24,517 at the same time the previous year. This 10.6% decrease constitutes 2,600 people, some of whom had been employed chiefly to care for the elderly.
Non-Cypriot workers employed in wholesale and retail commerce and repairs fell to 13,641 in October 2013, this was a 9.9% or 1,500 person drop from the same period in 2012.


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