25 January 2014 10:07

Cyprus residents concerned about animal welfare issues will tomorrow be congregating at an 11am Animal Responsibility Cyprus (ARC) event in Limassol.
Expected to become the largest meeting of Cypriots and EU citizens concerned about animal rights in Cyprus, the meeting is being held at St Barnabas Church, opposite the old Limassol hospital.
ARC Chairman Kyriacos Kyriacou will address the event, demanding that animal welfare issues be given due attention and taken into account in political decision-making.
Kyriacou will present the animal welfare situation as it stands today (its legal framework and weaknesses), what policies have been implemented so far and which have not and talk about how the creation of a Commissioner or Presidential advisor for animal welfare could finally put things right along with better procedures and cooperation of stakeholders.
 "The meeting aims to address animal welfare issues. After the recent serious incidents of barbaric animal abuse, animal abandonment, homeless animals and poisonings, enough is enough," ARC said.
In addition to Cypriots concerned about animal welfare, many other EU citizens living in Cyprus are angry and disappointed that the state does not appear to be living up to its responsibilities towards animals.
ARC noted that many of these people had long been working tirelessly to rescue strays and spent money on their care and, in the case of several thousand dogs, re-homing in Germany and the UK.
Visit www.animalscyprus.org or e-mail arc.kivotos@cytanet.com.cy for more information.


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