25 January 2014 16:36

Archbishop Chrysostomos II said yesterday that the deal between the government and the British Bases is a positive development that will allow the Church to go through with plans to develop a clinic for special needs children on the coast.
According to the Archbishop, the Church owns 1,000 dunums of land within the British Bases, part of which is by the sea and revealed that there is interest from Russian and Israeli companies to build a clinic for children with special needs.
This will allow easy access to the beach for leisure and therapeutic purposes, he added.
The clinic is expected to be a large project that will serve the entire Middle East, while other land belonging to the Church may be used to develop hotels, villas and other tourist accommodation.
"We must all congratulate the President because he has achieved a very good deal with the bases," the Archbishop said.
He went on to say that the new agreement will not only benefit the property owners but also the government which will receive taxes from property developments.
During the President's official visit to London earlier this month, an agreement was signed between the government and the United Kingdom to ease land restrictions within the boundaries of the British Bases for development.
Property owners had not been able to develop or use land in the area as a result of a 1960s agreement when Cyprus became independent from British rule.


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