27 January 2014 14:12

 It seems that the newest municipality has come up with one of the brightest ideas to organize job hunting.
The Sotira board created a CV bank where the increasing number of the community unemployed can submit their information for prospective employers.
It saves the time and energy of random CV applications that many times end up at the bottom of an office bin.
Companies can also shift through much faster, seeking the right candidate, rather than receiving hundreds of CVs that are not really applicable to what they’re looking for.
The CV bank will start operating in the next few days and was presented yesterday to locals by mayor Yiorgos Takkas and the municipal board in the framework of future plans as well as works and projects completed last year.
The mayor explained that local youths can submit their CVs in the municipality’s website and will be briefed on possible programmes by the Human Resources Authority, the Labour ministry, the municipality itself and private-sector enterprises. The service is free.
CV Banks have been quite popular in Europe for a number of years as a means of making job seekers more accessible.
In the UK, the largest is THECVBank, with more than 1.2m CVs currently in its database and half a million hits a month. Visitors are mostly recruitment agencies.
The average annual salary of its users is around €30,000.
The unemployment rate in Cyprus currently stands at 17.3% of the active population, with more than half of the 18-25 age group being out of a job. 


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