27 January 2014 15:57

A tourism promoter in Paphos has hit out against what he describes as “limited flight schedules” for Cyprus from Ryan Air arguing that more should be done to facilitate the budget airline.
According to the Director of Company Development and Promotion of Tourism Region Paphos Naso Hadjigeorgiou, Cyprus has lost six weekly flight schedules which include two from airports in Italy, flights to and from Germany as well as flights from Norway, Hungary and Spain.
“Nobody is pleased by the limited flight schedules and the routes that have been lost”, said Hadjigeorgiou. “There is still a huge amount of interest from people in Norway, Italy and Germany to visit Paphos and this loss hugely hurts not only the tourism sector of Paphos but also all of Cyprus.”
He added, “This specific airline (Ryan Air) is a very flexible organisation and will open up new flights for Cyprus if it is established that there is interest to fly out to a specific destination. They are a colossal company with an air fleet of 280 and an organisation that is continuously growing.”
Earlier this month, the low-flight airline announced new routes to its 2014 schedule including cheap flights from Athens which will operate up until April 1. The airline has two aircraft based at Paphos International Airport.
“These new cheap flights from Athens will also help millions of Athenians fly out to the island”, he continued. “These flights will also open up new connections.”
Hadjigeorgiou went on to say that tourism officials from Paphos are set to hold talks with Ryan Air officials in a bid to open up new routes from Holland, Finland, Denmark and France.


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