28 January 2014 15:28

Adopting the Guinness World Record logo for last year’s Presidential elections ballot has proved to be an expensive mistake for Andreas Efstratiou, who has now been ordered to pay €20,000 towards the cost of re-printing hundreds of thousands of ballots.
Some 570,000 ballot papers for the first round of elections in February last year had to be destroyed at a cost of €40,000 when Guinness lodged a complaint about Efstratiou using the logo.
A Paphos bridal shop owner, Efstratiou started using the symbol next to his name on ballots in 2008 after winning the Guinness World Record for the world’s longest wedding dress train in 2007. Guinness last year told electoral authorities that they had told Efstratiou not to use the logo for electioneering in 2011 but Efstratiou says he had only been asked to remove the logo from his website, which he did, and would be appealing the fine.
Efstratiou has run for office at every election over the past 15 years. He told reporters he had received the letter demanding payment for half of last year’s ballot reprinting costs on Monday.


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