28 January 2014 16:17

NICOSIA – Tension is high outside the Bank of Cyprus headquarters in Nicosia where bondholders on Tuesday are besieging the building demanding compensation for the loss of their savings.
The demonstrators gathered outside the entrance of the building and demanded management come out to see them.
Tempers rose as there was no response with a number of demonstrators moving to enter the building, where they were stopped by police.
The demonstrators broke flower pots outside the building, others banged ashtrays and their placards on the glass panes. Eye witnesses said items were also thrown at the building.
The protesters were appeased when the chairman of their association Fivos Mavrovouniotis announced that a meeting will be held with President Anastasiades on Thursday.
"We will await the decisions of the government in February. If they do not satisfy us, then I will lead the war," he said, and urged demonstrators to be patient and exercise self restraint.
The bond holders have seen their savings wiped out as a result of the bail-in of the island's two largest banks.


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