29 January 2014 13:18

 There were tense scenes yesterday as two groups of Cypriots – each affected in their own way by the economic crisis – took things into their own hands in an effort to get satisfaction.
Angry bondholders faced a police cordon as they attempted to get into the headquarters of the Bank of Cyprus in Nicosia demanding the return of the €1.4 billion in savings they saw go up in smoke with the bail-in of the island’s two largest banks. Prevented from entering, they threw dustbins at the building and banged on the windows with their placards. They dispersed after they were told that their representative would be seen by the president at the Palace tomorrow.
And in Limassol General Hospital, Health Minister Petros Petrides was verbally attacked and jostled by angry thalassaemia patients protesting against a decision to carry out chemotherapy treatments in the blood transfusion unit of Limassol General Hospital. They, too, dispersed after a compromise was reached.


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