31 January 2014 14:28

The Legal Services are examining whether a number of prison guards should face criminal prosecution for negligence in connection with a series of convict suicides and other offences at the correctional facility.
According to Phileleftheros newspaper, police investigators earlier this week delivered a case file to the Legal Services which will be examined before a decision is announced.
A review of prisoner safety and surveillance practices was launched last month after a third inmate was found hanged in his cell in the space of one year.
Subsequently, criminal and disciplinary investigations were launched to determine the circumstances surrounding the deaths and whether negligence on behalf of prison guards played a part.
According to the report, authorities are mulling launching criminal proceedings against a guard in connection with the most recent prison death which occurred in December 2013 and involved an inmate on suicide watch hanging himself in his cell.
Charges may also be raised against another guard in connection with a prisoner death in August 2013. In this case a man serving a 12 year sentence for killing his sister hanged himself in his cell with rope fashioned out of bed sheets.
The guard in charge of the prisoner's safety said he checked on him before lights out but the autopsy report contradicted the claim when it revealed the convict had been dead for at least three hours before he was found.  
Charges may also be launched against guards in connection with a mid July, 2013 death of a 45-year-old man who managed to hang himself with bed sheets which he tied around the bars on his cell window while on remand awaiting trial over arson charges. The prisoners in all three cases had a history of psychological problems.


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