03 February 2014 09:26

A total of 19 organised groups and unions will protest against Troika-imposed austerity measures on February 8 at 10am, it was announced. Workers, teachers and students will demonstrate outside the Finance and Labour Ministries. They will surround the buildings to show their frustration regarding the consequences of the financial crisis especially rising unemployment and poverty levels.
“We want development policies with the active participation of the state and the wider public sector in order to create conditions for recovery and jobs,” Poed primary school teachers’ union official Apostolos Apostolides said.
He added that the effectiveness of the Troika’s policies are constantly under question and are targeted as the main cause for degradation in Europe while even the European Parliament has doubted the democratic and institutional status of the Troika.
“Our organisations are calling on workers and society for a mass presence at the demonstration on Saturday in order to send our messages in an organised fashion in all directions including the government, the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund,” Apostolides said.
A similar protest took place outside the Finance Ministry on December 14.
International lenders yesterday met with representatives from the Central Bank to discuss the restructuring of loans, as well as the central credit record which will list all lenders and beneficiaries in commercial and co-op banks, in order to facilitate new loan applications.
The Troika’s third evaluation is expected to be concluded by February 12.


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