03 February 2014 14:58

Dire financial circumstances have forced a five member family in Xylotymbou to spend the last three years living in a kiosk.
While receiving some support from the Dhekelia Police’s Social Programme, Ayios Raphael Monastery and the community of Xylotymbou, the Michael family has by all accounts been brushed aside by authorities.
Last week, one of the children, 17-year-old Louca, had his application for exception from the new €15 per month school bus fares denied. According to Dhekelia Assistant Police Chief Spyros Soteriou, the family is in urgent need of state support.
The family’s misadventure began in 2006 when the old house they lived in was judged to be unsuitable for habitation.
The family began to rent another property and opened a small kiosk which has failed to bring in enough income.
Their financial difficulties forced the family to turn their kiosk into their home after finding themselves unable to pay rent and the parents unable to find other employment.
According to Loucas, the property has electricity but no running hot water.
The family bathes after heating water in a bucket. An older son is in the National Guard and an older sister studying.
The kiosk-home is situated on the central avenue through Xylotymbou, opposite the community’s co-op bank.


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