03 February 2014 15:43

The Defence Ministry wants to outsource catering at more army camps and boot camps (KEN) by summer, as it significantly cuts costs.
A pilot programme, implemented for three weeks at the KEN boot camp in Paphos for the 2014 A’ ESSO, was completed with the swearing in ceremony and is now being evaluated by the Defence Ministry committee and National Guard General Staff (NGGS).
All indications are that the pilot scheme was a success.
The Defence Ministry is already preparing to implement the programme in two of the three KEN boot camps by this summer, when the number of conscripts will be significantly greater in comparison to those enlisted in winter.
The ministry is also planning to launch new tenders concerning the supply of food for the summer at KEN boot camps.
The ministry decided to introduce catering as large sums of money are spent on food being prepared daily at army camps.


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