05 February 2014 11:53

 Tourism is expected to better in 2014 than the previous year based on the plans of foreign travel agents and the new flight programmes that have been introduced, said Cyprus Hoteliers Association (PASYXE) chief Zacharias Ioannides.
Ioannides said yesterday that while 2013 showed an increase of more than 8% in revenue from tourism, this year is expected to be even better, as a result of the new airlines that are now flying to Cyprus and the reinforcement of existing routes to and from traditional markets.
He also pointed out that the main markets that show a significant rise include Russia, which is climbing at a spectacular rate and Ukraine, which has picked up in recent years after the facilitation with issuing visas.
However, due to current political turmoil in Kiev expected results may not come, while tourism from the UK and Germany is also expected to show improvement.
“These two markets have declined over recent years but we are hoping that some actions we have taken will reverse this negative trend,” Ioannides said.
He pointed out that the main challenge faced by the sector is the seasonality of tourism and stressed that the development of winter tourism is the focal point of the hoteliers’ efforts.
“The prospects and potential is there, working together and responding to the pleas of our associates abroad, we will offer the provisions and the incentive to fight the problem of seasonality.”
Hoteliers have requested an update from the Cyprus Tourism Organisation regarding its deliberations with the Troika, noting that it would be useful for everyone involved to keep each other up to speed on talks with the international lenders.


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