06 February 2014 09:27

The Forestry Department has taken new measures to prevent bird collisions with glass surfaces on flyovers at the new GSP roundabout in Nicosia.
According to an announcement on Tuesday, decals in the shape of a falcon have been installed onto a number of glass surfaces to create a visual barrier and minimise collisions by scaring birds away.
"These special decals which were financed by the Forestry Department and installed by the Department of Public Works will significantly reduce bird collisions."
The measure was taken after the department said it received reports of dozens of birds including partridges, francolins and sparrows dying after colliding with glass surfaces in the area.
The department has also suggested that bird-safe designs are incorporated into all new public buildings around the GSP, which is considered a high-risk collision area.
"We urge the public to report any bird collisions with glass to us immediately."
Speaking to The Cyprus Daily, Campaigns Manager for BirdLife Cyprus, Martin Hellicar congratulated the Forestry Department on taking steps to preserve Cyprus' bird population.
"We are very glad that the department has addressed the issue of bird collisions with glass which can be shockingly high depending on where the surfaces are placed."
The conservationist described the falcon decals as a simple and effective solution to the problem.  
"There is no downside as the decals are cheap and easily installed and we would like to see this measure implemented across the island."
Birds frequently collide with windows after seeing reflections such as trees that make them think they can fly through the glass.
Deaths from collisions with glass fronts of buildings and windows is a serious conservation issue with estimates indicating that in Europe alone around 250,000 birds die each day as a result of flying into glass.


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