06 February 2014 14:24

Five-year-old Romeo whose 40-year-old mother died of peritonitis in their squalid flat in Larnaca will be transferred to Romania to be placed in the care of the country's welfare services next week.
"The boy will be placed in the care of the child protection department in Romania and we are currently making all the arrangements for this transfer," Romanian ambassador in Nicosia Ion Pascu told The Cyprus Daily.
The child is currently housed at the Children's Home in Larnaca while being temporarily in the care of the Social Welfare Office.
Romanian authorities are assessing the child's 62-year-old grandmother to see whether she is fit to look after him. His mother Ildiko Gergely was buried in her home village of Sacele, near Brasov in Romania on Tuesday, the ambassador confirmed.
According to knowledgeable sources, Romanian authorities informed the Romanian embassy in Cyprus in writing that in line with the country's regulations, the temporary care of the child, who has a Romanian passport and ID is the responsibility of the Romanian state.
Romanian authorities are also responsible for finding a suitable family to adopt the boy.
Bucharest asked its embassy in Nicosia to inform the Social Welfare Office to speed up procedures for the repatriation of the child.
With regards to looking for the boy's father, there is no such question for the Romanian embassy as the child's birth certificate states "father unknown".
Therefore, there is no request from Romania to carrying out a DNA paternity test, including the Greek Cypriot businessman who admitted he had sexual contact with the boy's mother.
The Romanian government will only tackle the issue of the child's paternity if an alleged father appears seeking custody of the boy.
The Attorney General's Office appointed an investigative officer to carry out a probe into possible disciplinary responsibilities in relation to the death of the boy's mother.
The investigation will mainly focus on the way the case was handled by the Social Welfare Office and whether officers were aware of the conditions in which the mother lived.


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