10 February 2014 17:41

A new documentary on the significance of Oroklini Lake has been created as part of the LIFE project 'Restoration and Management of Oroklini Lake Special Protection Area', which is a three-year project aimed at protecting this significant wetland and raising awareness of its value.
The documentary - which is just under 16 minutes in length - is titled 'Oroklini Lake - A Wetland of Pan-European Ecological Importance'. It was produced by the Environment Department with the contribution of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Union. Filming took around a year in order to fully capture the changeable habitats and the diversity of the lake throughout the seasons.
During the video, a variety of bird species and rare vegetation are shown, accompanied by English subtitles of the Greek narration. Two of the nesting species are of conservation priority in the European Union - the spur-winged lapwing and the black-winged stilt - shown grooming their chicks and defending their nests in the video.
Migratory birds such as herons, flamingos and glossy ibis also visit the wetland, as does the pelican who is a rare sight at the lake for only a handful of days on its way to Africa.
The Project Coordinator from BirdLife Cyprus Melpo Apostolidou says that everyone should appreciate the significance of the lake: "The video aims at raising awareness about this important wetland and its unique wildlife and especially birds. Nature is all around us, and Oroklini Lake is a great place to go and enjoy it!"
Oroklini Lake is one of only seven natural wetlands in Cyprus and has great value for biodiversity, both on a Cyprus and a pan-European level. The EU-funded conservation project is due to finish in December this year, and during its three years there have been a number of initiatives such as a volunteer-based clean-up of the lake and a photographic exhibition.
Apostolidou says that before the project is finished, there are other awareness raising projects in the pipeline: "The bird watching hide and the information point soon to be completed on-site will give the opportunity to every visitor to enjoy the birds and learn more about Oroklini Lake."
You can view the documentary on YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch (www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrMUrTwqY4A)
More information on the LIFE Oroklini project can be found at:


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