11 February 2014 16:57

Among the wine villages of the Limassol area is Kilani, a famous village known for its rich and long historical tradition and cultural heritage.
We had an interesting conversation about the beauty and history of the village with the Secretary of the Community Council Timothea Kasetta.
The village is situated on the eastern side of the Afami Mountain and its vines cover the vast area which borders the villages of Omodos, Mandria, Pera Pedi, Sylikou, Lofou and Vouni.
The village preserves remnants and names from ancient times.
It is an Arcadian colony and many names testify to this. The name Kilani comes from Killini in the Peloponnese while the name of Afamis Mountain from Efimio Zeus of Arcadia, as well as the cliff of Hera. Tombs with pottery from the Roman era were also found in the area.
There are still remnants of the earliest Christian times, the Frankish rule, the Ottoman Empire, and of course the recent history of our island.
During Ottoman rule, the village had about 1000 houses and was licensed for the production and processing of silk and paid taxes to the military, along with other villages in the area.
The village also cultivated grapes and made wines, fruits and vegetables, as it still does nowadays. During the British rule, it was an administrative centre; it had its own land registry, police station, post office and medical centre.
In olden times, its inhabitants worked in small factories and workshops as blacksmiths, cobblers and carpenters. Within the home, women had silkworms and made silk, they weaved and manufactured scarves and other garments and they also embroidered. Their work was excellent and they were famous for their scarves.
The waters of the Kriou River powered the mills, which were an important element of commercialism in the village. People went to the village grind wheat and to shop, or to perform various errands in government offices. All these facilities gathered people from the surrounding villages and created vitality and traffic in the village.
Justifiably then, Kilani was called the head village of wine-making villages, the capital of the Kilani area.


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