13 February 2014 09:49

Snack truck operators in Limassol are up in arms over the town’s Municipal Council’s order that they abandon their regular spots within 15 days.
The entrepreneurs say the decision forcing them to stay on the move will ultimately leave them out of work and unable to support their families.
The Association Mobile Canteen owners took their grievances to Disy’s District Secretary Nicos Sykas through small shopkeeper’s association Povek’s general secretary Kyriacos Moustakas on Wednesday.
During the meeting, Moustakas was briefed on Disy’s efforts to delay the decision’s implementation pending further discussion with the involved operators.
Moustakas said that some 150 vendors would be affected, many of whom had been in the profession for many years, maintaining health and safety directives. He said that the majority should not be punished because a handful had been breaking the law in terms of where they parked or because their vehicles did not fulfil all the necessary criteria.
He noted that many of the snack truck operators had, on Cyprus’ accession to the EU, borrowed and spent a great deal of money to bring their vehicles into line with EU standards.
More meetings with other political party representatives are set to follow with the snack truck owners warning, in a letter to Limassol’s mayor and municipal council, that they will take action if the decision is implemented.


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