13 February 2014 09:51

In the run up to carnival celebrations, authorities have issued a warning about the possible sale of unsuitable masks. None have yet been found in Cyprus, but are available in Europe.
The warning came from the Department of Labour Inspection of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, on the occasion of the upcoming events for Carnival, wishes to inform the general consumer public that unsuitable carnival masks and costumes have been spotted in the European market. These products are considered hazardous because they contain phthalate esters and/or azo dyes.
Phthalates asters are substances classified as toxic to reproduction while azo compounds are classified as carcinogens. Products (toys, textiles or clothing) containing them in concentrations higher than the maximum permissible limit of the law should not be marketed.
The Department of Labour Inspection calls on the general public to be very careful in buying products, particularly when used by children. Consumers should carefully study the individual information printed on product packaging. In the event a product is located for which there are doubts about their safety or are found to contain dangerous chemicals, consumers are call the inform officers of the Department of Labour Inspection on 22405637, 22405611 and 22405609.


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