13 February 2014 11:44

Half of all primary school age children in Cyprus have a mobile phone, with close to a quarter regularly carrying out conversations lasting over five minutes a time, a new study has shown.
Undertaken by Mathiatis Primary School under the guidance of headteacher Elli Hadjipapa Parpa, the study was carried out over a six month period with the participation of 1,500 pupils aged between six and 12 at 30 primary schools around Cyprus.
Presented yesterday, the study showed that 80-85% of the primary school pupils with their own mobile phones were in the final sixth class of primary school, falling in line with the global average.
However, it was also found that two thirds of the young mobile phone users in Cyprus held their phones up to their ears exposing themselves to potentially dangerous radiation.
Parents were advised to encourage their children to rather use hands-free devices or communicate via speaker phone as mobile phones should ideally be no closer than 15-20cm away from a child’s head, the study noted.
A study carried out this time last year by US-based by globally active marketing and design experts The Marketing Store’s ‘The New Definition of Childhood,’ surveyed over 4,200 children ages six to 12 years across 12 countries (USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, China, and Australia).
It found that 15% of the children included owned smartphones and another 37% had non-smartphones, very close to the one-in-two figure determined in Cyprus.


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