13 February 2014 11:46

President Anastasiades said last night that a joint communiqué agreed on to resume the peace process would preserve the Cyprus Republic and safeguard the three singles – sovereignty, citizenship and personality.
He said the Cyprus Republic would not be scrapped to create a new country but would continue and simply transform into a new state of affairs under a federal roof.
Anastasiades addressed the nation to explain in detail the provisions of a sought-after peace deal and allay fears that Cyprus would be split into two states rather than be truly reunited.
The President said he was ‘saddened’ by those who criticised the joint communiqué for the sake of political posturing.
Junior coalition partner Diko – and its four ministers -- are threatening to walk out of government because they are unhappy with the joint declaration and its perceived vagueness on sovereignty.
Critics say it would lead to a two-state solution through the back door.
Anastasiades also addressed Turkish Cypriots saying: “I would like to reaffirm my honest intention and desire for a solution to the Cyprus problem as soon as possible.”
He said talks would not get bogged down on one issue as they had done in the past while confidence-building measures would be introduced to add impetus.
The President said he waited for the financial crisis to subside before tackling the Cyprus problem because a “country weakened financially is vulnerable to pressure and blackmail”.
Since coming to power Anastasiades said he purposely “improved and deepened” ties with key international players USA, Britain and Israel to ensure impetus in Cyprus talks.
Reportedly, negotiators will meet tomorrow to discuss the agenda of the talks and how they will proceed.
Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders vowed to seek an end to the island's four-decade division "as soon as possible," relaunching peace talks on Tuesday after nearly a two-year hiatus.


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