13 February 2014 13:03

Home owners in the capital can save up to 25% on their electricity bills through a new energy audit programme launched by the Nicosia Municipality.
According to Senior Administrator at the Nicosia Municipality Michalis Theodoulou the programme is sponsoring 50% of the cost of energy audits on 25 homes as part of wider effort to reduce carbon emissions.
"During the first phase of the project which we are running in cooperation with the Cyprus Energy Agency we will accept applications from 25 homeowners in the capital who wish to make their houses more energy efficient and save money on bills."
Theodoulou explained that the audit helps residents determine where their house is losing energy and money and suggests simple ways to make it more energy efficient.
The check itself involves a visit from a professional technician who inspects such things as the building's insulation as well as all electrical appliances within the home.
"For example, the technician may recommend that you move your refrigerator so that it doesn't catch the sun in order to make it 20% more energy efficient."
Tips may also be given on what times are best to run a washing machine in order receive cheaper rate electricity or how much can be saved on heating bills through the installation of double glazing windows.
The initiative, according to Theodoulou is part of a wider energy saving agreement signed by all municipalities in the capital that aims to lower carbon emissions.
"This is just the first phase of the programme as we are planning many more energy saving initiatives in the near future.
"Electricity in Cyprus is extremely expensive at the moment so we urge homeowners to apply to take part in this programme which can easily save them 25% on the energy bills if they make the correct adjustments to their homes."
The cost of a single energy audit is €80 of which the Nicosia Municipality will be sponsoring half while the deadline for applications is February 28.
Residents in the capital who are interested in applying for an energy audit are urged to call the Nicosia Municipality on 22797198 or the Cyprus Energy Agency on 22667716 for further information.


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