13 February 2014 15:55

A new bill for medically-assisted reproduction submitted by the Health ministry is being discussed at the House and could see couples being able to use surrogate mothers in order to have a baby.
According to the new bill, a court order will be provided to allow surrogacy, before the transfer of fertilised eggs if there is written consent and agreement between the couple who want to have a child and the woman who will bear the child and her husband if she is married.
A new bill is being discussed at the House that includes significant amendments to the one proposed almost two years ago.    
Amendments in the proposed bill include allowing surrogacy and also allowing for more embryos to be transferred.
The provision is that the number of embryos that can be transferred to the surrogate mother is two for women up to the age of 38 and three for women aged 38 to 50.
These figures, however, could change following the Council of Medically Assisted Human Reproduction's suggestion to the Health Minister to publish a decree to amend the age limits and number of embryos.
Age is listed among the conditions for the application of medically assisted reproduction methods. It is also mentioned that In vitro fertilisation (IVF) methods are applied to adult women of reproductive age.   
According to the bill, "It is understood that the surrogate mother's reproductive age, is up to the age of 50 but the council can make exceptions following consideration of individual cases and the submission of a statement with valid reasons outlined."
Before IVF takes place there is also a compulsory check-up for any diseases and a check for certain diseases determined by the council that will be published in the state newspaper.


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