14 February 2014 11:14

The police force is conducting a fitness evaluation of its members over concerns that many officers are overweight and out of shape.
According to police spokesman Andreas Angelides, the police leadership is assessing the fitness levels of 500 officers to determine how much improvement has to be made.
“The assessment includes fitness and endurance tests, blood tests and an examination of the officers’ medical histories.”
The spokesman confirmed that so far 350 officers have taken part in the fitness evaluation test.
“Once we have the results from 500 officers we will have a clear idea of the level of fitness in the force and will be able to make appropriate suggestions.”
Chief of Police Michalis Papageorgiou decided to take measures to address police fitness after a Drug Squad (YKAN) officer died recently of a heart attack whilst on the job.
Angelides explained that officers of all ages and from all departments will be taking part in the fitness evaluation exam to produce an accurate demographic of the level of fitness within the force.
A gym has recently been built at the Police Rapid Reaction Headquarters which the chief of police regularly uses.
All police recruits are required to pass a fitness test before they are accepted on the force. However, most police departments do not maintain compulsory fitness standards for their officers.
The fire services are also known to be plagued by substandard levels of fitness.


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