14 February 2014 12:00

A new Eurobarometer study on tourism revealed that almost three quarters of Cypriots failed to go on holiday last year because of economic concerns.
According to the report, ‘financial reasons’ was the reason given by 69% of Cypriots in response to a question on why they did not go on holiday in 2013.
Cyprus was one of 12 countries with at least 50% of their respondents citing this reason and had the second highest percentage, coming after only Greece’s 74%.
Also among the top four were Bulgaria and Serbia both with 66%.
The report noted that Cyprus’ percentage had increased by 13 percentage points compared to the previous year, the second highest increase following only Serbia’s 17.
Amongst the Cypriot asked if their plans for 2014 getaways had changed compared to previous years, 33% said they would still go on holiday but planned to spend less. Greece’s figure stood at 39% and Cyprus’ percentage was shared by Slovenia and FYROM while the European average was 20%.
Cyprus is also top of the list of four countries where over a fifth of people have not yet made any decisions about their 2014 holidays: Cyprus (31%), Malta (27%), FYROM (23%) and Estonia (22%).
However, it is not among the four countries where over a fifth of respondents say they will not take any trips at all this year, the highest proportions being in Estonia (25%), Turkey (24%), Hungary (22%) and Portugal (22%). As for holidays within the EU, more than half of the respondents in 12 EU countries, including Cyprus, say that they are planning this kind of holiday.
Luxembourg (76%) has the highest proportion of respondents who intend to travel to another EU country, followed by Malta (72%), Belgium (68%) and Cyprus (68%).
“Fewer than half of the respondents from Cyprus (34%), Malta (40%) and FYROM (45%) mentioned recommendations from friends, family or colleagues as important when making their travel plans,” the report said
It said that less than a quarter (23%) of Cypriots also considered personal experience important.
Visit http://ec.europa.eu/public_opinion/flash/fl_392_en.pdf to see a full copy of the report.


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