14 February 2014 16:21

Neighbourhood Police schemes are being extended and expected to cover 70% of Cyprus' inhabited areas by the end of this year.
Currently, 55 neighbourhood policemen and 13,000 neighbourhood watch volunteers are active in areas inhabited by 342,000 residents.
Justice Minister Ionas Nicolaou said over the next few months, a further 17 neighbourhood policemen are expected to be appointed to give coverage to 33 municipalities and communities, extending the number of residents protected in the scheme to 225,000.
Nicolaou said that it was hoped that this would create a network of social protection acting mainly as a means of prevention.
According to the Minister, citizens can help reduce crime by participating in Local Councils for the Prevention of Crime.
They can also contribute to increasing preventative action in areas particularly susceptible to crime and battle the social factors that encourage people to carry out crimes.
He said that the police had created 'Citizen Volunteer Cards' to encourage participation and in recognition of citizen contribution to preventing and managing the consequences of crime.


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