17 February 2014 14:31

The ministries of Defence, Health, and Education are examining youth orientated drug prevention and control measures with an emphasis on narcotics abuse in the National Guard.
After meeting representatives of the Cyprus Anti Drugs Council, Minister of Defence Fotis Fotiou said the serious problem of narcotics abuse among youths can only be effectively combated though a comprehensive and multifaceted approach.
"The Ministry of Defence has made a commitment to help other relevant authorities draft new measures to be included in the Cyprus National Drugs Strategy that aim to prevent the systematic spread of narcotics abuse in our society."
According to Fotiou, the three ministries in cooperation with several parent associations, medical professionals, and military personnel will be directing some of the measures at conscripts serving in the National Guard.  
"The ministry is approaching the matter of drug use in the military with extreme sensitivity," said Fotiou. "This problem is directly related to the military term, conscript's leave, wider society and the economic crisis."
Minister of Education Kyriakos Kenevezos said cooperation between the three ministries will be the key to combating youth drug abuse.
"The Anti Drugs Council has been extremely helpful and we have all agreed on a series of future meetings to further discuss practical ways in which to combat youth drug use through prevention measures.
President of the Anti Drug Council Dr Chrysanthos Georgiou thanked the ministers for attending the meeting and expressed his own concerns over youth drug abuse in Cyprus.
"It is scientifically proven that during times of economic crisis drug use among young people increases.
"For this reason we must act quickly to prevent the spread of drug abuse with a series of new measures that will be discussed and eventually included in the National Strategy."


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