17 February 2014 16:48

Approximately 100 drivers of Larnaca’s ‘Zenon’ bus company staged a wildcat strike on Monday morning following the announcement of a 5% cut on their salaries.
According to the bus drivers’ union district secretary Nadia Kyritsi, the company has sent a letter to each employee, disregarding the unions and the negotiation procedures, announcing that a 5% pay cut to their salaries will apply from the end of the month.
“The letter also says that there will be other deductions from benefits protected by the employees’ collective agreement. As a reaction due to the company’s disregard for negotiation process at the Labour Ministry, approximately 100 drivers working for Larnaca buses have staged a spontaneous strike,” Kyritsi said.
Member of the company’s board of directors Yiannis Panagos said that from January 2014 the government decided to cut €10 million in funding for bus companies leaving ‘Zenon’ with €520,000 per month down from €647,000.
“Considering the company is not discontinuing any bus routes while fuel prices are increasing, it has decided that the only measure it could take was to cut 5% from employees’ monthly salaries. It also decided to reduce the amount given to drivers for overtime work,” Panagos stressed.
The company’s board of directors will meet to discuss the strike and to find solutions to resolve the problem.


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