17 February 2014 18:13

Newly appointed deputy head of Diko, Marcos Kyprianou has said that despite common appearances, his party is not against the recent peace talks but is rather opposed to the joint communiqué being used as the basis for their launch.  
In an interview with Alithia newspaper, Kyprianou said that the problem lies within the joint communiqué itself as it contains many ambiguities.
"While there are certain positive points, there are others that range from vague to dangerous," he said, adding that when talking about a joint communiqué there's always the element of compromise.
"Yes, but this was not the objective of the joint communiqué, and this is where I draw my attention the most".
The reason Diko had said that the peace talks should not begin with a joint communiqué, was because they "clearly and specifically wanted to clear-up certain issues regarding the Cyprus problem," which according to Kyprianou form the basis of the solution.
"When we are talking about possible interpretations, there is a problem," he said and stressed that the language used to draw up the communiqué is not clear.
"Our problem lies with the mandate itself. The best option would be to proceed with the talks without a joint communiqué."
Kyprianou said that back in December, "when we realised that we didn't see eye to eye with the other side on these basic matters", it would have been better to proceed with the peace talks without a mandate and focus on the matters that we identified as most problematic.
"By being vague and not clearing up these points, we are basically just sweeping our differences under the rug," he concluded.
Diko's new number two also said that a meeting with President Anastasiades to exchange views and clear the air on the communiqué would prove fruitful. Nevertheless, Diko is expected to walk out of the government coalition this week, taking its ministers - Defence, Energy, Health and Education - with them.


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