18 February 2014 10:48

Cyta employees, in an open letter, have apologised for any inconvenience they may have caused the public with their strike on February 14, and said the fight they are putting up is only part of the fight of the people of Cyprus for the protection of their achievements and rights against foreign threats.  
"We consider Cyta to be a great achievement of the Cypriot society, an asset that has proved highly profitable and lasting, and we would like to remind the public that Cyta, has yielded more than €1 billion in recent years for the funds of the State-owner".
In their letter, Cyta employees said they knew the organisation better than anyone else and they were the first to demand its restructuring.
"We are sure that you will understand and will not turn against us employees who truly care about this asset, which essentially belongs to you, but that you will turn your attention to those who have many reasons to want to take it away from you".
"Let us continue to offer our services to you, to every family and every business."
Staff are scheduled to stage another work stoppage today.


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