18 February 2014 21:07

It began as a project that shift gear on the quality of tourism in Paphos, enhancing the city's image internationally. Lately however, the Paphos seafront is constantly in the limelight for the wrong reasons.
Originally, it was due to a series of irregularities identified in the report of the Auditor General regarding the financial aspect of its construction. More recently it is because of a pile-up of complaints of citizens to the Municipality.
As unbelievable as it sounds, two bicycle riders, an elderly foreign tourist and the parents of a child, are already suing the Municipality of Paphos for defects and omissions which they say resulted in injury while they were walking or exercising on the regenerated seafront of Kato Paphos.
The situation has sounded the alarm at the municipal authority which sees the issue taking on unpredictable dimensions. Municipal councillors and other officials are who seeking the immediate intervention of the people in charge to deal with an increasing number of claims lodged by citizens.
The concern of municipal leaders has been accentuated by the kind of problems cited by the citizens, since the majority cite omissions or defects which, if anything, require... maximum observation.
In the case of cyclists, the coastal road has been deemed as dangerous because the depths of gutter ... of three centimetres or because of ... defective rails placed by the Paphos Sewerage Board.
In the case of an elderly visitor to the area, the problem lay in slabs which stick out and cause people to trip, while light fittings in the ground caused a toddler to fall in the sea when he stumbled on one of them.
The frequency of complaints to the Municipality is such that Paphos Municipality refused to even discuss the project contractor's request for additional payment of €30,000 for work the contractor said had been carried out on private property.


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