19 February 2014 09:28

Greece's far right Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) leader Giorgos Karatzaferis is considering running as a Euro MP in Cyprus in the upcoming May elections.
But to do so, he must register on the island's special catalogue by April 2. Head of Elections Service Demetris Demetriou told The Cyprus Daily yesterday: "He is not a Cypriot national but as an EU citizen he can run provided he registers in the special catalogue before April 2".
He added: "The law provides six months of residency in the country you are running in as a candidate but it can be a suspended one. For example, Karatzaferis can live here for only a month before May's elections but must reside herein  the immediate next six months after the elections - if he makes it of course".
A European Parliament representation source in Nicosia said that with less than 100 days to go before the European Parliament election, extreme tendencies are on the rise all over Europe.
"And Cyprus is not an exception considering that (UN-brokered) peace talks (aiming to reunite the divided island) were launched last week and nationalism is more and more on the rise," added the source.
In an interview with Sunday's 'To Ethnos', Karatzaferis said Cypriot students who graduated from Greek universities had approached him asking him to run in order to avert Cyprus' "sell out".
"I received a series of messages and phone calls from Cypriot graduates and these young people say they want to set up a new movement, a new awareness over an imminent sellout of Cyprus to the Turks," said Karatzaferis.
"The sellout is imminent considering (ruling) Disy and (main Opposition) Akel parties are joining forces," the former journalist added.
Karatzaferis also argued that an uprising is necessary to prevent the 'nation' - the Cyprus Republic - from being dissolved. Karatzaferis founded populist LAOS in 2000, a few months after he was expelled from the centre-right ruling New Democracy.
His populist party dropped below the 3% election threshold in 2012 and failed to secure any seats in parliament.


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