19 February 2014 11:03

Plans to install speed cameras around the island will finally go ahead with the launch of a new tender.
According to Minister of Communications Tasos Mitsopoulos, the Public Works Department has already been instructed to begin laying the groundwork for the speed camera tender which is expected to launch within the next few months.
The tenders will be different to the five previous failed attempts in that the cost of purchasing the camera systems will be covered by the tender winner and not the state.
Based on ministry calculations the camera system will pay itself off in around five years through fines from driving offences.
Speaking to The Cyprus Daily, Traffic Police Chief Demetris Demetriou welcomed the new plans to launch the tender.
“We consider that traffic cameras are the only way to seriously reduce traffic fatalities in Cyprus.”
He added that the Traffic Police Department has used road collision data in order to identify areas where the fixed cameras may benefit safety the most once the deal is finalised.
“We are having a meeting with representatives from Ministry today to discuss a timeframe for the project and express our own suggestions over where the cameras will be most beneficial.”
All other previous tender applications were cancelled after the speed cameras failed to meet technical requirements.


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