20 February 2014 07:40

NICOSIA - Angry pilots of cash-strapped Cyprus Airways on Wednesday decided to file private criminal law suits against the national carrier for cutting its contribution to the provident fund without their consent.
“The decision taken at the general meeting is that every member proceeds with private criminal law suits against those who took the decision to illegally cut the company’s contribution to the provident fund,” a written statement by Paspy union said.
“The general meeting authorizes the board to instruct their legal advisor to submit the cases,” it added.
The pilots also said that the approved resolution at the meeting will be sent to the ministers of finance, of labour and social insurance and to the board of directors of Cyprus Airways.
CA’s 70 pilots are up in arms over the arbitrary action of the reduced contribution arguing that their salaries had already been cut enough.
Salaries for the whole CA group were paid with almost a week’s delay this month over this dispute.
The provident fund contribution by the struggling employer was cut from 8 to 1 percent for a 15-month period for all company staff.
Pasipy – the pilots’ union – is the only one out of a total of five that had refused to accept the cut.


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