20 February 2014 15:16

The state's all-new planning policy for rural areas also gives the green light for the creation of a large theme park.
The policy statement signed by the Interior Minister earlier this week introduces radical changes that effectively allow anyone with a large enough expanse of land and enough funds to create a variety of large-scale projects.
As reported by Phileleftheros yesterday, potential projects includes a "Disneyland-like" theme park combining a range of accommodation including five star hotels with commercial facilities and leisure and entertainment opportunities.
The policy statement also outlines reception areas, visitor information points and toilets as well as offices and other areas to be used by theme park personnel.
Size-wise, the statement opens the way for an expanse of up to 500,000 square metres depending on how much land is owned although initial recommended estimates were set at an area of between 200,000 and 250,000 square metres with a building co-efficient of 25% and 15% depending on the size of the land with the higher co-efficient going to the smaller expansion.
All the projects, including the theme park, have between a two and four storey limit depending on their type but the policy statement leaves room for manoeuvre with discretion given to the Director of Town Planning.
The policy statement makes use of strategic developments (hospitals, educational institutions and sport facilities) to open the road for investors to be given a building co-efficient of up to 25% which, under conditions may go as far as 35%, multiplying the value of the areas that will be used or sold to other investors.
Amidst concerns the policy will operate against the interests of existing villages, the government has opened the way for the creation of new communities which will look like little towns with restaurants, shops, hotels, travel agencies and everything else one can usually find in a town.
Investors will be able to build houses, offices, shops etc on condition that they operate for example a "health and beauty" college or a small hospital or university.
The residential developments which will generate the profit for the businessmen are described as "complementary uses".
Phileleftheros yesterday also reported that while the policy statement included provisions for a specific development to be on one solid piece of land, exceptions would be made if property was divided by a public road or greenery area or by natural obstructions.


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