21 February 2014 17:55

Creation of a transportation authority to deal with an unreliable bus system was proposed on Thursday at a House Communications Committee meeting.
The meeting discussed the new public transport system with MPs arguing that there is an urgent need to promote the required measures to avoid further problems such as strikes.
Persistent issues include strong disagreements between the ministry and bus companies and lack of infrastructure for the smooth operation of public transport.
Committee Chairman Antonis Antoniou said that even though this is the fourth year that the new system is in place there are many problems such as lack of bus shelters, no bus lanes and no electronic public transport information available.
He also mentioned the delay in payments towards bus company employees and warned that this might bring about negative consequences for both commuters and the network.  
"The system should be supported otherwise it will collapse," said Antoniou.
The committee asked for a transportation authority to be created to monitor and control proposals for the solution of various problems that may occur.
According to Antoniou funds for public transport were reduced by €10 million this year in relation to last year and the budget is now at €50m.
He said this was the reason that fees were imposed for students and pensioners.


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